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Welcome to 2017! Time flies and it seems like there's no time at all between updates for another year. The older you get the faster time flies, and as I cruise toward middle age its starting to build a head of steam.


Scribe of the Realm is a photographer's and writer's web site, I say writer as opposed to an author's, because an author is published and I'm still working in that direction, and he unlikely event that I do succeed in being published I'd still rather think of myself as a writer, author sounds like I'd have to take myself too seriously. I'm also a photographer, you can find more about that, HERE!

While it may seem pretentious for an unpublished writer to build a site to discuss works not yet complete; but, what better a way to make sure that I keep writing than to tease people enough that they want to see more? Besides, I have other things like photography, homebrewing and living with fibromyalgia to keep me rattling on indefinitely.


I am the original founder of the Guild, aka the Fantasy Artists, Role-Players and Writers Guild, I used a little foresight and took the Guild away from MSN before they announced they were closing their groups and re-established it as a site under it's own domain, with a huge amount of help of my cofounders Kim and Shannon and they've helped me build it into what I consider a cool and quality site.

I also cofounded Red Zone Fandom with my daughter Kasandra (who has since moved on to her own site, Science Fox) its amazing how a site can veer from what you envision at the beginning and what it matures into over the passage of time.

There is now a page for my bio, it was in the blog but WordPress is a little limited in what you can accomplish, so it's now on a web page. You'll find a link on the bio page that'll take you to an about page in the blog where you can ask questions or make comments about the about page. Its simpler than it reads, it has to be, I put it together and complicated makes hair hurt. So, click About Tim, here or at the top left of the page.

Finally, if you're wondering why I have the cane these days, go to my Fibromyalgia page.

28 years together and happy grandparents too!

Here I am with my granddaughter who is dressed as the woodsman from Red Riding Hood, she just prefer to use her axe like Grandpa does his cane.