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Hot Lights & Hydration

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New (to me) backdrop that I need to do some light testing with, so when I got tired of playing with the remote shutter release Kim was drafted and sat as patiently as a person can when their hair is still wet from the shower. It's really a miracle she puts up with me! XD

They do call these “hot lights” for a reason.

I’m asked a lot if I get dried out under all of the lights, simple answer: YES!

The longer answer may be more interesting though. In really wet climates (like Okinawa) they put a light in the closets, down near the floor surrounded by a metal cover. The reason is to dry out the air in the close closet so that clothes and shoes in the closet are less likely to mildew. A friend of mine on Okinawa didn’t like the light in the closet, he thought it wasted electricity and since it was a small bulb it really didn’t light it up that well anyway. So he unscrewed the bulb and closed the door and went on with life. This was the closet where he kept his wife’s leather coats and pants. When she open it sometime later she found that everything was covered in green crud.

Two lessons to be learned here: First, even a 40 watt bulb can dry out the air around it; second, replacing a leather wardrobe is expensive.

So, a 40 watt bulb can dry out a closed closet, I work under a couple of thousand watts of light, sometimes up to eight hours a day when I’m doing studio work. So yes, while I continue my normal flow of coffee and tea while I work, I also hit the gatorade and even (shock-gasp-horror) water when I’m under the lights. Even if the lights don’t feel hot, they are drying the air around you, you sweat less in dry air than in humidity so you don’t notice that you’re losing liquid as fast as you are; further, I now live in a low humidity area, so I’m getting dried out anyway.

Moral of the story: stay hydrated no matter where you are, hydrate more under the studio lights.

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Time Passes

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How long have I known the models I’ve photographed? About this long in some cases 🙂  There are many more I’ve known this long but that would take a bunch of time to get all of the pictures together. Maybe I will some day, it is really fun watching the years pass, but I always catch myself asking “When did this one grow up?”


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