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Memorial Day

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I wrote a brief recap on the Guild about the weekend, but I think it calls for a more in-depth recap.  Memorial Day was the great gaming weekend that we’d planned for a while now, or at least threatened to have.  I’d thrown the offer out for them all to come play for a few months for any 3-day weekend and Memorial Day 2009 won the lotto.

The beginning boded ill, as traffic was backed up in the SeaTac area through the passes and it turned a two hour stretch of the drive to about 4 1/2 hours.  That alone would have scared off the timid, but not Key, Kit and Shae, they braved through and after about 12 hours they reached our little hamlet in the desert.  They came in early in the morning after driving all night and after a nap we ran out to the base and looked at the aircraft in heritage park, they are aircraft mounted on concrete columns so they look like they are flying… sort of…

parkWe also took a look around the base and tried to get Key a peek at the firemen, and saw what was left of the Thunderbird F-16 that crashed here a few years back, you can see the before below, the after is pieces.

tbirdAfter a hydration stop at the shopette, where I noticed they’ve REALLY improved the quality of the craft beers they carry there.  I’ll be back when the fridge is more empty, we went to Bruneau Dunes…

dunesThis is where cats dream of when they look completely content in their slumber, bad sandbox joke, but that’s the penalty of reading my stuff now isn’t it?  Anyway, the largest of the dunes is about 450′ tall, Kit and Shae climbed the smallest of them, but that was at least 150′ high, and sand isn’t easy to climb,  Try it, I dare you!

dune2This is them about halfway up, rumor has it that it worked them out, even our blackbelt Shae.

Meanwhile Kim & I, who’ve climbed them a hundred times (before I got my cane) decided to stay down at the bottom with Key, who found a friend, she named him Steven.  Hopefully Steven is a girl, or issues will result.

stevenThen we went to the interpretive center,next time we need to go at night, if the observatory is open.

cometThis picture was evidently taken near the observatory with a camera and no telescope, apparently the stargazing down there is amazing. We finished the driving loop by finding Oregon trail markers and then headed hom to feat, smoked brisket kicks much ass!

Then came gaming, and some REALLY good fun! Alea iacta est (Let the dice fly high!) And a few events, in no particular order…

  • “You have a chart for that?”  shocked
  • Critical Fumble – “I stabbed myself through the back of my ear?”
  • Butt-hickey from venom being sucked from a wound.
  • “I’m changing to my emergency pants.”
  • Stealthily falling down the rock pile in field plate.
  • Book trap needle to the forehead.
  • Dragged off in a cat house.
  • “I check for traps!”
  • Critical Fumble – Head down butt up.
  • Kick to nuts = puked on.
  • Finding a Prince Albert in the bag o’ swag… still… eww.
  • Surfing a lava tube.
  • Down the outhouse and the nasty bug in the corpses’ mouth.
  • “I have a towel!”
  • “You need a permit to fight a dragon?”
  • 1,000 feet of stinky wet hemp rope.
  • Mass dragon flatulation.  And Puke.
  • Let sleeping dragon’s lie!
  • Falling straight up!
  • “I check for traps!”
  • “I teleport the crystal spiders to the hall with the giant snake.”
  • “Can I have my manacles blessed to +1?”
  • Dragon makes critical fumble on saving throw.
  • “All of this for… books?”
  • “You get how much for books?
  • “I want to Identify the Darkness!!”
  • archery fumble, hold the string, release the bow
  • “I have another towel!”
  • “Wanna dance?” from drunken half ogre =  “Call shot to the nuts!”
  • “You said catch her, not stop her!”
  • “Yay!  We survived!  By the way, what’s your name?”
  • Cerdic Ofheed? (Sir Dick of Heed)

The food was mostly a triumph, the brisket was great as always, my nachos were sort of questionable but I made up for it with my Almost Famous Unpatented Mead Chicken (recipe is here, click the cooking tag), and Ebelskiver is a great way to start the day. I don’t claim any credit for the Ramen at 1am, they ate it as soup.  Which is suspect.

I think we’ve reinforced some gaming tendencies, we have two confirmed players and a new Dungeon Master from the weekend and took time out on Sunday to run by our tiny gaming shop for dice.

kodt_pete_support_flgsHow far into gaming nerdery have they gone?  I got a text from their drive home asking if they could all three combine teleport rings to take the car home and skip the drive.  It was a great time, and… you know… Labor Day is a 3-day weekend. 😉

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Kit & Todd, Official at last!

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On most occasions I’m not what could be a big fan of weddings, I get roped into going to support family and I went to a few because I was the supervisor of somebody getting married. This is one of those rare times I went to a wedding, out of state, not just willingly but eagerly. Part of the reason for that is I got to see the couple long before they married and had a strong feeling then that they were a match.

It’s a jedi thing, don’t ask.

So, some of the first things I noticed about the wedding:

  • If you hand Kelz a camera and you don’t have to worry, everything will be documented from the laughing and sniffles to the amazing ability of the Matron of Honor to make an entire eggroll disappear in one bite.
  • I learned that brides and their matron of honor can giggle hysterically and cry at the same time, there was no snorting though, or I would have lost it! *sniff, sniff, snicker, snicker, snort!*
  • The electric slide is as uncool now as it was way back when.
  • Its going to rain in Seattle no matter what, just deal with it, of in my case catch a chill and shiver all evening.
  • Apparently I can’t leave my flaming cane behind or I get asked by everyone that knows me where it is.
  • I shouldn’t sing to anything but Junior Brown or Tennessee Ernie Ford, my voice is not pitched for hymns.
  • I can step into a church and not be struck by lightening or burst into flames.
  • It is odd seeing a female preacher wearing black with a white collar do a little dance to a hip-hop tune.
  • Purple looks good on me.

I enjoyed myself immensely, which is actually unimportant. There is really only one person who’s opinion matter in this case, the bride. If she feels good about her wedding then it was a success. Weddings aren’t about families, they are about a couple, they are getting married because they are in love, friends and family are there for support and window dressing.

That’s something else I enjoyed, no drama. I hate drama. Drama irritates me to the point that I’ll help the groom take out the trouble makers, a cane don’t need flames to make somebody see stars.

For the record, I was on my best behavior, the biggest troublemaker was Shae, but ain’t that always the case?

Kelz and Kit only gave her a little run for her money. I just blinded people with my beautiful purplish shirt and gleaming halo, and told very few inappropriate stories, and apparently didn’t drop any f-bombs.

Next time, I’ll try and get into town a day or two earlier, I was still tired and slept the entire ferry ride back away. Man, getting old sucks. Especially with Kit & Shan commenting on or playing with gray hair.


© 2009, Tim Boothby. All rights reserved.