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The Shop: Grand Opening Friday

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Friday, October 1st, 2010 is the day, at long last the Shop is opening. The Shop is going to support the operating and expansion costs of all of our websites. You can visit the site now by going here, you can even open your account now and avoid the rush! The layout is pretty much set and we’ll be loading up the initial stock of goods between now and Friday. We won’t have everything in by then as we’re working with a few outside vendors and we have quite a few original products still in the works, including the brand new silk screening setup we have to make our own custom t-shirts and a few other goodies.

Red Zone Gaming: dedicated to sharing cutting edge tech and news with the gamers of the world through audio, video, and written media. Red Zone’s direction is guided by user submissions and participation. Every voice is heard and every member is a valued contributor! The Red Zone is about gaming as a whole, not just a game, you’ll find podcasts from the Red Zone FREE here in the shop, at Red Zone Gaming and at iTunes.

The Fantasy Artists, RolePlayers & Writers Guild, aka FARPWG – The Guild:
the Guild is open to fantasy and science fiction artists, roleplayers and writers, a place to share their creativity with others and hone and perfect their skills among their fellow members in a supportive and friendly environment. The Guild plans a podcast series of its own in the future, with one video interview with L.E. Modesitt, Jr. already available, without charge, to the world.

Scribe of the Realm: is the writing world of Tim Boothby, where he discusses writing and devotes a fair amount of time to describing life with fibromyalgia for fellow sufferers of the condition, their families and for those just curious about the condition. also hosts The Shop, as licensing a business that incorporates the name of the owner is much simpler legally than licensing under a business name. We like things simple.

Serious Lesbian:
KiraD is an amazing artist and web cartoonist and we are prod to call her an affiliated site, hosted through FARPWG – The Guild. Look for her art here, and on all of our sites as well, you won’t be disappointed!

Our plans include improved capabilities for audio and video podcasting, writing contests with much better prizes, gaming tournaments and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

© 2010, Tim Boothby. All rights reserved.


Scribe of the Realm 2.0

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Slowly but surely I’ve been revamping the website, the latest move is replacing Simple Machines Forum with WordPress, mainly because it better suits the needs of what I’m trying to accomplish, which is to discuss my writing efforts.  I’ve culled out those things from the old boards that didn’t address this goal.

I’m in the process of simplifying several things, removing the political blog and curtailing my writing for Newsvine for example, these were drains on my time that I really couldn’t afford if I plan to accomplish anything, and the old plan came preset with its own distractions and potholes.

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