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Been a While Since I Updated… Which is Nothing New.


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With apologies to Dickens, there are the best of times and the worst of times; but, there are also times like these which go beyond the suck scale.  I really hate it when we go off the scale, I like things easy to categorize and keep track of and when things drop off the end of the suck scale all I know for sure is that I’m screwed.  I like knowing how screwed.  Its sort of comforting.  I just wish that suck didn’t involve a full-body pain that’s reminiscent of the pain level of passing a kidney stone.

Oh well, when life gives you lemons brew hard lemonade.  That reminds me, I need to do that very soon now.  Anyway.

We’re back to the revelation that nothing will happen if I don’t make it happen.  Meaning?  Apparently I’m not going to feel better anytime soon, so I’ll need to do what I’d do when I feel good in a state of uber fuckedupness and say the hell with the extra time it takes.  That means quite a bit of stuff around the house and I need to finish off the Almanac.

Where am I at on that?

340 pages, 295,309 words, 1,423,345 characters.

Sadly, I have a ways to go.  I expect I’ll end at around 500 pages including illustrations.  Its going to be fun though 😉

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2 Responses to Been a While Since I Updated… Which is Nothing New.

  1. Nikki Barlow

    Hi Tim,
    I came across your website by pure chance, (I was googling alergic reactions to antibiotics). In February this year I was diagnosed with FM and sjorgrens syndrome. Whilst there is eons of info about FM on the web, I find that not much of it can be applyed to every day living. Your website is fab. Its good to know that I am not the only person who has this and that its not all in my head. (so many people including my husband, think this is a mental problem). You are so onist about how FM affects you. I think all doctors and consultants should have your website on a card to give to anyone who is diagnosed with FM.
    Thank You

  2. Tim Boothby Post author

    Hello Nikki!

    A pleasure to hear from you, one of the worst problems with FM is the reactions of those that don’t understand what we are feeling, physically and emotionally. What is worse that that is the feelings we heap on ourselves over what we’re feeling and what we feel others are feeling about our feelings, which is a real gordian knot of feelings to cut through when you get right down to it.

    I appreciate your kind words and hope you have more better than worse days 😉


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