Me: “So why are you pissed off?”
Him: “somebody is giving shit for blowing off a freebie shoot.”
Me: “Why did you blow off a freebie shoot?”
Him: “wasn’t feeling it.”
Me: “Which means what in grownup?”
Him: “it didn’t pay and I didn’t feel like going.”
Me: “I see. So, check me on this. You promised someone a shoot, then blew it off because you weren’t ‘feeling it.’
Him: “so you’re going to give me shit too?”
Me: “Probably not, you’re defensive about it so you already know you screwed up, you just don’t feel like admitting it.”
Him: “yuou’ve never blown off a shoot?”
Me: “None that I can remember. I’ve gone ahead with shoots in bad weather, with migraines, swollen knees, and a times with a blown back that I recall, but I can’t remember ever experiencing anything as debilitating as ‘not feeling it.’ I mean hell, you tell somebody that you didn’t ‘feel’ it and they should go out of their way to forgive you for blowing them off.”
Him: “it was a freebie shoot, no big deal”
Me: “Except to the ones waiting on you, wait, did you warn them or did you just not show up?”
Him: “Done talking about this”
Me: “Answered that question anyway. Here’s the big deal, reputation. If you get a reputation for blowing off shoots then you get a reputation of being unreliable, unreliable is code for ‘do not give this peckerwood money because he isn’t trustworthy,’ so yeah, it’s more of a big deal than you seem to realize. How do you ‘feel’ about being broke and out of business.”
Him: “your a prick “feel” that?”
Me: “There isn’t enough liquor in the world to convince me to let you ‘feel’ that.

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