Her: “Society has to accept it’s share of the blame for the violence it creates.”
Me: “If you think that you’re to blame for the actions of someone else, I suggest you turn yourself in and take whatever punishment is due, otherwise, you’re spouting drivel that even you don’t believe. Millions of people every year manage not to cause harm to anyone, yet you find the need to tar them with the same brush as people that do these things. In fact, when you look at things rationally, you’ll see that the overwhelming majority of people don’t hit, hurt or kill anyone in this country, that means that the majority of people know that to do so is wrong. Society has a pretty good handle on that. If there is any fault with society, it is the tendency to try and excuse or make light of bad behavior. Now if you want to talk jacked up, look at the government that society is saddled with these days. There’s states where being arrested three times for holding weed can put you in prison for life but if you murder somebody you can be out in 20 years. Where society has some blame in this case is that they don’t get rid of the legislators and prosecutors that push that sort of nonsense through, or dispose of the services of those that plea bargain down the value of a human life to something less than a few baggies of dried leaves.”
Her: “Your a judgemental bastard!”
Me: “No, merely observant. Otherwise you’d be able to attack the position and not the messenger, which you couldn’t do. People are no worse that they were years back, it’s just that now you have news from all over the world at your fingertips, where in the past, aside from major events, we only heard about what was happening in a roughly 50 mile radius from the TV or radio towers transmitting the news, or the press printing it. Now with a voracious “news” industry that needs to put hot news in front of viewers and readers to keep up ad prices, you have events that would have been a 20 second mention at most are now talked about for whole segments or entire days. That isn’t society’s doing, its actually inflicted on them. Today you’ll hear that somebody was murdered on the news and it will talked about endlessly before the details even come in and every rumor will be trotted out and then never addressed again. What you won’t hear about our ‘violent society’ now is that there are half as many murders as there were 30 years ago. That doesn’t sell adds and it doesn’t fill political coffers. News is driven by money, money has agendas,not principles,”
Me: “So, if anybody is being harshly judgmental about society, it’s you, not me,”
Her: “I pity your kids.’
Me: “Again, you can’t address the point so you try and fling barbs and dodge the issues at hand. In truth, anyone that has met my kid realizes she doesn’t need pity, they just need to stay the hell out of her way, because she thinks for herself and speaks her mind. I’m a big fan or strong women, I married one and helped raise one. So, anything to try and add to a productive discussion, or have you run out of facebook meme quotes and bumper stickers to argue with?”

Never made the friend list, but she blocked be so that’s the equivalent of a -1, especially since I got a “BURN!” from her husband.

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