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Dino-whining about Jurassic World

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If Jurassic World had said they were bringing back dinosaurs, then I’d see the points made by the ‘science’ critics. Since the movie says, several times, that they didn’t actually bring back dinosaurs, they fiddled with DNA and created species by mixing and matching more for crowd appeal than any attempt at accuracy. If the science crowd wants to bitch, they should be pointing out just how badly it showed the combination of science and business. People in labcoats and suits were pretty much portrayed as amoral, unethical profit chasers, but that was missed by people that didn’t apparently pay attention in the theater, if they even saw the movie. The science critics should quit walking into the trees and notice the forest!

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  1. Nicole

    I totally agree. Drives me crazy when people do not pay attention, and then complain about what they are not paying attention to!

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