Me: “I’ll rephrase the question, what kind of modeling are you hoping to do?”
Her: “like i said, boobs!”
Me: “Who’s on first?”
Her: “what?”
Me: “… <.< Sorry, disregard that, being random.”
Her: “k”
Me: “Alrighty then, I understand that you want your boobs to feature prominently in pictures taken of you, but what sort of modeling are you going to try and work into? Fashion, pin-up, lingerie, something else?”
Her: “something else?”
Me: Well, I asked for that, didn’t I? smile emoticon Okay, describe a shot that you’d like someone to take of you?”
Her: “face down to under my boobs.”
Me: “So, head shots and portraits?”
Her: “i geuss”
Me: Okay. Well, I guess the next obvious question is how do you want to display your boobs?”
Her: “bras langeray and bare i geuss”
Me: Well, I can’t help you with bare, I don’t work with bare models. I’m sure you can find another photographer that meets your needs.”
Her: “don’t you want to see a pix befor you say no?”
Me: “No, I’m good. Where are you at?”
Her: “boston”
Me: “Boston like in Mass?”
Her “theres only 1 boston! wink emoticon 
Me: “No, there are several actually. I thought when you checked my portfolio you said you didn’t live that far from us and that’s why you were interested. Boston is about 2,700 miles from me. Tell you what, I’m clicking off now, I suggest you start with the phone book for the greater Boston area, and have a wicked nice day.”

[bails from conversation]

Okay, since Allen Funt is dead, I’m going to assume that this wasn’t candid camera. But, if I find out that somebody I know decided to make my head explode… that’s a paddlin’!

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