I hate it when people reduce serious words to mere buzzwords to try and further an agenda. Today’s examples. Disagreement with a president is not “treason,” even if they badmouth said public official. The correct phrase is “politics as usual.” If disagreement with a president is treason, half of the population would be in trouble after every election. The second phrase I find annoying and was tossed m way today, is “rape the land,” unless somebody is performing a non-consensual sexual act on a section of ground, then the term is deliberately being used incorrectly. Reducing a crime like rape to a simple buzzword in an attempt to cash in on the feelings the word raises in people is to reduce the power of the word and minimize its true meaning. /soapbox

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I was born in the Midwest and grew up in Iowa, Missouri and Texas. I guess you could say I had an eventful childhood, at least it was a helluva lotta fun! I enlisted in the Air Force in 1984 and retired in 2007. I saw a whole bunch of the world and racked up a lot of experiences in the process. Now I'm retired and enjoying life to the fullest!