At 5-3 Stan is ranked 85th in the tournament with 15 points and an OMW of 59.02%

Stan made a “Boise State” start jumping out to a 4-0 lead, then fought it out to finish 5-3 on the day, qualifying for day 2 in his first Pro Tour tournament. The day ended with a little drama when at the end of the second game in round 8 Kasandra tweeted this: “Stan’s asking a judge question about Rite of Replication, and his opponent disappeared… can it be?” and then two minutes later: “STAN’S IN DAY 2! RITE OF REPLICATION KICKED ON ORAN RIEF SURVIVALIST! His opponent is PISSED. He stormed off!” Stan was slightly more subdued when he sent his update: GOT THERE!!! Kicked rite of [card]replication[/card] targeting [card]oran rief survivalist[/card] FTW

Round Player Country Player Country Winner Score_ Ranking_ W/L
1 Bessey, Stan USA Wright, Stuart ENG Bessey, Stan 2-1 112 1-0
2 Bessey, Stan USA Black, Samuel USA Bessey, Stan 2-1 88 2-0
3 Bessey, Stan USA Seaver, Ryan USA Bessey, Stan 2-1 47 3-0
4 Bessey, Stan USA Bursavich, Austin USA Bessey, Stan 2-0 16 4-0
5 Bessey, Stan USA Cortez, Paulo BRA Cortez, Paulo 0-2 23 4-1
6 Bessey, Stan USA Levy, Raphael FRA Levy, Raphael 1-2 61 4-2
7 Bessey, Stan USA Nakamura, Shuuhei JPN Nakamura, Shuuhei 1-2 110 4-3
8 Bessey, Stan USA Lebedowicz, Osyp USA Bessey, Stan 2-0 85 5-3
Day 2
9 Bessey, Stan USA Pend Pend Pend Pend Pend Pend


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