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Been a While Since I Updated… Which is Nothing New.


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With apologies to Dickens, there are the best of times and the worst of times; but, there are also times like these which go beyond the suck scale.  I really hate it when we go off the scale, I like things easy to categorize and keep track of and when things drop off the end of the suck scale all I know for sure is that I’m screwed.  I like knowing how screwed.  Its sort of comforting.  I just wish that suck didn’t involve a full-body pain that’s reminiscent of the pain level of passing a kidney stone.

Oh well, when life gives you lemons brew hard lemonade.  That reminds me, I need to do that very soon now.  Anyway.

We’re back to the revelation that nothing will happen if I don’t make it happen.  Meaning?  Apparently I’m not going to feel better anytime soon, so I’ll need to do what I’d do when I feel good in a state of uber fuckedupness and say the hell with the extra time it takes.  That means quite a bit of stuff around the house and I need to finish off the Almanac.

Where am I at on that?

340 pages, 295,309 words, 1,423,345 characters.

Sadly, I have a ways to go.  I expect I’ll end at around 500 pages including illustrations.  Its going to be fun though 😉

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Magnus’ Fighting Tutorials

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Episode 1: Equipment and Stance

Episode 2A: Attacking Shield Side

Episode 2B: Attacking Shield Side

Episode 3: Attacking Sword Side

Episode 4: Defensive Shieldwork

Episode 5A: Fighting Lefties

Episode 5B: Fighting Lefties

Episode 6A: Aggressive Shieldwork

Episode 6B: Aggressive Shieldwork

Episode 7: Basic Footwork

Episode 8: Shield Kicks

Episode 9: Ground Fighting

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