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Riding with the Voices

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So, driving into Boise this morning and a car load of ladies is passing me, I ease up on the gas because it’s snowing and the road isn’t all that it could be, and then I notice that there’s a truck right on the car’s ass. She gets barely past me and his front bumper is even with my side mirror. That right there is a dick move, a lot of people do it, get up on somebody and try to intimidate them into getting out of their way. It’s a dick move, especially under these conditions, but it worked. There wasn’t much clearance as she merged into my lane, so I got off the gas entirely.

“What an asshole!” Says Id, looking at the truck.
“Something isn’t right,” Says Ego.
“We’re seeing an awful lot of the side of that car,” says Super-Ego.

Yeah, she’s sideways now and the idiot in the truck keeps me boxed in, now he’s suddenly not interested in passing anymore, it seems safer to him to leave me boxed in.

By this time my three observers are paying more attention to the car and its three occupants.

“Ladies!” Says Id.
“Their eyes are the size of pie plates,” says Ego.
“They’re getting really close,” Says Super-Ego. “And they’re more like pizza pans now.”

“STOP” Says Id.
“Better tap the brakes,” says Ego.
“Its going to suck,” says Super-Ego.

So, I tap the brakes and the back-end starts to swing toward the ditch and by this point I noticed that the passenger in the front seat of the car was wearing hoop earrings and had a bit of dental work. Her mouth was open that wide. We both left the road at this point, not a huge deal because this was a nice flat area with barely any drop-off. She’s got some spin going and I’m just following my rear bumper.

“Whee!” Says Id.
“This is like Sherlock deciding to fall forwards or backwards,” says Ego.
“Is this really the time to think about Sherlock?” Chides Super-Ego.

Since there’s now distance between us I use some brakes and stop fairly soon. Back to park, get it started again. Okay, so far so good.

“AGAIN!” Says Id.
“Damage report!” Says Ego.
Super-Ego was quiet, except for swatting Id with a rolled up newspaper.

So, I hop out and look over at the other car and motion for the driver to roll down her window. The lady in back did instead. “Everyone Okay?” I ask.

“We’re fine,” she replies then eyes my cane. “You?”

“Oh yeah, I already had this with me.” I reply as I check tires and all the various dangly bits under the truck.

“She’s not really sure about winter driving yet,” the back-seater said as I finished my walk-around. She was doing the same and the driver was sliding into the back seat, hiding her face.

I nod at that. “Well, that wasn’t it,” I allow, but I was laughing so she took it like I meant it.

So, back on the road and not far after that spot the road was completely clear. Cool, sped up to the speed limit, checking how the truck drove and noticing it wasn’t pulling to the right like it normally does. Have to check that out later. Anyway, I passed everyone that watched me hit the ditch and now drove about 20 under. I passed a few semis and as I passed the lead semi I saw a white pickup between the two big diesels find the only patch of ice for miles and make its own ditch run.

Odds are everyone thought it was me again.

See what happens when I forget my coffee? If I’d have pulled back into the driveway and run in for it I’d have been a mile or two behind where I was and we could have avoided the whole thing.

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Ponder: Religious Science and Scientific Religion

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The only thing stupider than injecting religion into science is injecting science into religion. I came to this when I watched a documentary that reported that many scientists were rethinking the Big Bang theory, and as I listened to the reasons given, their disagreement stemmed from the fact that TBBT read too much like Genesis. Admit it, that’s a stupid reason to rethink a theory; its simple, either disprove the science behind the theory or admit that there are similarities and move along.

The major problems with science and religion is the practice of both by humans. Otherwise how would we have peer-reviewed research supporting both sides of global warming? This is where science and religion are so similar, human nature and money have a huge bearing on the “truths” they reveal.

Trying to substitute science for religion is to try to reduce facts and laws to beliefs; it doesn’t work, and that’s why its stupider to substitute science for religion than to contaminate science with religion; because, people claiming to follow science should possess the rudimentary intelligence required to differentiate between a belief system and physical laws. Something that evangelical atheism needs to take to heart.

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Student’s Opinion on the New School Menus? WE’RE HUNGRY!

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This amused me greatly, apparently the standards pushed by the First Lady are falling flat, especially among athletes and those that only get one decent meal a day…aka…school lunches. So, everybody that really needs a filling meal, they get an hours d’oeurve. Enjoy the video, made by kids to let their feeling be known.





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Word Racist Being Removed From Dictionary

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According to the Free Dictionary a racist is either a noun or adjective derivative of the word racism, which is defined as follows:

  1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
  2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

Unfortunately this definition doesn’t match current usage, the most common current usage now asserts that anyone that disagrees with the President is a racist. When I hear this argument used I can only imagine that past presidents such as Jimmy Carter or George W. Bush wish they weren’t born Caucasians, then they could have throttled all sorts of arguments against them simply by rifling through the deck and playing the race card. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the notion of playing the race card about any president when Bill Clinton is often referred to as our first black president. It really helps illustrate that the race card isn’t necessarily applied intelligently or factually.

There are some idiots out there that still embrace the revolting philosophies of racism; Robert Byrd’s old club, the KKK, is still in business as are Neo-Nazis just as a few examples. There’s just too much disingenuousness in the tactics of many. To be against illegals coming from Mexico isn’t racism provided that the disagreement is with those violating the law and entering illegally regardless of their race. By the way, Mexican isn’t a race, it’s a nationality. To be a Mexican is to be a Mexican citizen, to me a Mexican-American is to be an American citizen with a descriptive adjective to clarify the origins of one’s family. If you just don’t like Hispanics, then that’s where the real definition of the word applies.

To think that Barack Obama is failing as a president is not racism if the reason for believing he’s not doing a good job is based upon substandard performance and not meeting his campaign promises. To be a racist is to state that Barack Obama has no being president because he’s black is racism. I’ve never actually met anyone who’s said that but I’ve met many that have been smeared with the false accusation by those that can’t muster the intellectual honesty to intelligently and capably debate those they disagree with, or to be more straightforward about it, they are unembumbered by integrity.

To accuse someone of racism based solely upon the fact that they disagree with a politician is prejudging them without full and complete knowledge of their opinions. Another word for prejudging is prejudice, and prejudice is practiced by those engaging in bigotry. The definition if a bigot is basically someone who:

“obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance,”

At least according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary. But you can add something to that, you can add in political parties and ideologies.

Look at it this way…

  • All of this ethnic group is lazy.
  • All of this political party are against the poor.
  • All of this ethnic group steal.
  • All of this political party are un-American.
  • All of this ethnic group have no morals.
  • All of this ideology are incapable of thought or compassion.

From my own point of view, I could care less what color Barack Obama is and I don’t care about his ancestry , I personally don’t think he’s a good president because in most regards I can’t see a difference in his policies and those of his predecessor (leading some to call him George III.) I think he’s failed in his campaign promises in regard to things like

  • Don’t Ask, Don’t tell
  • Bipartisanship
  • Gitmo
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Patriot Act
  • Domestic Surveillance
  • Blocking court actions against the previous administration
  • Not making bills available for review before the votes as promised
  • Aw hell the list is almost endless…
  • Here’s a good take that’ll save me a lot of typing…
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So, the word RACIST is being removed from the dictionary because an appallingly large percentage of people that use the word display no apparent knowledge of its meaning and are doing the world a great disservice by cheapening a once powerful word that served us well then, but is disgustingly abused now.

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