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Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching I thought you would like to know about the only live event we will be at. ETC Coffee House in Mountain Home Idaho is hosting a vendor fair on February 1, 2020 from 8am to 2pm. We will be there!

While we are on that subject though, I thought I should remind you that special orders can be placed by messaging RZF-Embroidery. Don’t wait until the last minute because it takes time to create custom items.

That is all for now, thanks for reading.

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Closed for Annual Maintenance

It is time to take the machine in for its annual maintenance so we have decided that is the perfect time to take vacation to roam the fabric shops of the Seattle area to look for new cloth, vinyl, and accessories. The shop will be closed from September 6th to September 30th. We hope you enjoy September as much as we will. Have a great month!

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Leg Bag?

I was bragging about my leg bag one day and was asked what a leg bag was in a PM. So, here it is. When I’m working it carries a spare battery for my cameras and a bag of AAs for flash and stuff in the flap outer pocket. In an inside pocket it carries the color correction cards and a case for back-up disks. One inside pocket holds my phone. Another inside pocket has my business cards, 3×5 cards (replaced with a custom notebook), a pen and a sharpie. The main pocket holds my large flash, a flash stand, and a pack of kleenex, and usually a pack or two of Bel-Vitas for when I need a healthy-ish snack.

I often carry it when I’m not working, some of this stuff stays, the rest doesn’t and I toss in stuff I may need while I’m out.

It has a loop that my belt slides through and a strap to secure it to my leg as well, to keep it stable.

Kim modified a pattern for one of her favorite purse designs into this, and this is the second I’ve carried. The first lasted close to ten years, and is still completely functional, but beat up and faded, and it is in reserve in case I need it, or I’m rocking the steampunk.

Answering the next question: No, it’s not really big at all, here’s a shot of me with my first bag, hangs right at hand level. This one has a flap with snaps that goes around the belt (and snaps on the leg strap, it was made to look a bit steampunk-ish and really aged into the role) and the new one is a solid loop to try out that style. I play test dummy a lot in these experiments.