Superhero Finger Puppets with Carry Case


Kids at heart can protect the universe with their favorite super heros that easily store inside the case.

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Finger puppets are machine embroidered and hand cut. These are stock images; there could be slight color variations in the production line.  Photos will be updated for any major changes.

Pow Bag is appx 5.5 inches x 6 inches and is made from Glitter vinyl and felt.  Puppets are made from felt and are appx 3 inches x 2 inches. There are 5 puppets and 1 Pow Bag in this set.

A disclaimer for toys: Everything sold here is for use by adults, not for use by children, pets, or those adults of the ‘hold my beer’ variety that need adult supervision themselves. Unsupervised use of things by kids, pets, and danger-prone adults may lead to injury or choking or whatever mischief they may get up to while unsupervised. So, play smart!


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