Our Mission

The Shop @ TimBoothby.com and RZF Embroidery are veteran owned and operated, Idaho-based small businesses specializing in personalized, original, and bespoke items. Look for us when you wish to buy ready made items like purses, wallets, masks, book marks and key fobs. Or message us on facebook to commission us for costumes, custom purses, bags, masks, monogramming and more. RZF Embroidery strives to be on the leading edge of fandom with a community focus. What can we make for you?!

Slideshow (Spiffy or what?)

Come in and look around, we have a lot of products to offer, and if you don't see something feel free to get in touch with us, we enjoy the challenge of custom orders.

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We're always Adding More

We're always working on new ideas, for your everyday enjoyment or upcoming holidays. Need something special? Contact us to design your custom ideas.