Embroidery in Action

Here’s a peek at how the embroidery process works, all items are machine embroidered and hand-finished. Each project can take from a few minutes and a few hundred stitches to many hours and tens of thousands of stitches. The poor machine has racked up thousands of hours and millions of stitches over the past year, so its coming up on time to take it in to be cleaned, aligned and serviced.



Why Tumblers aren’t ready to ship.

We strive to have only items that are complete and ready to ship immediately on our website. Unfortunately tumblers have too high a base price point to allow us to make all the tumblers that we designs for. This means that they will be made to order. We ask that you understand that the tumblers will take 3 to 5 days to be completed.

We have literally thousands of graphics files that we can use to create tumblers. Turn around time is 3 to 5 days. We can personalize, change colors, add your photos, design something just for you, so much more. So please do not hesitate to contact us about personalized tumblers as the turn around time is the same.

Tumblers make wonderful useful gifts, personalizing them with names and photos show you planned ahead for the perfect gift.

Message RZF-Embroidery on Facebook or email to shopkeeper@timboothby.com to start your order.



Did you know we have 20 ounce double walled tumblers? These tumblers can be customized with your own images or you can choose one of our creations. Tumblers are only $25 each (plus shipping). Currently we only have steel tumblers, but by the end of June we should have white tumblers which are much more versatile.

Message us on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RZFembroidery or email shopkeeper@timboothby.com to custom order your tumbler.

Special Ordering

Our website was designed to show items that are in stock and available for immediate shipping. With the recent need for face-masks we have been taking more custom orders than ever before. We love that we can do this and keep people a little bit safer and in a style that allows you to show off your fun side.

We are aware that not everyone is on Facebook or Instagram. This makes custom ordering more difficult. We have been working on a way to make this easier for everyone and we have it.

Customers who wish to place special orders can now email us at shopkeeper@timboothby.com.

Custom orders are not limited to face-masks. We offer many other services. Email us with your ideas to see what we can create for you!


A Good Mask Tutorial

I am happy to make masks for our customers, it makes me proud that you trust me to do this for you.

I know that many of you are crafty yourselves. So, I thought that I would share a easy video to help you make your own masks. It is a simple video and doesn’t require a pattern. I can even answer questions if you have any.

If you would like to special order a face mask, and are not on Facebook or Instagram, please email us at shopkeeper@timboothby.com

Leg Bag?

I was bragging about my leg bag one day and was asked what a leg bag was in a PM. So, here it is. When I’m working it carries a spare battery for my cameras and a bag of AAs for flash and stuff in the flap outer pocket. In an inside pocket it carries the color correction cards and a case for back-up disks. One inside pocket holds my phone. Another inside pocket has my business cards, 3×5 cards (replaced with a custom notebook), a pen and a sharpie. The main pocket holds my large flash, a flash stand, and a pack of kleenex, and usually a pack or two of Bel-Vitas for when I need a healthy-ish snack.

I often carry it when I’m not working, some of this stuff stays, the rest doesn’t and I toss in stuff I may need while I’m out.

It has a loop that my belt slides through and a strap to secure it to my leg as well, to keep it stable.

Kim modified a pattern for one of her favorite purse designs into this, and this is the second I’ve carried. The first lasted close to ten years, and is still completely functional, but beat up and faded, and it is in reserve in case I need it, or I’m rocking the steampunk.

Answering the next question: No, it’s not really big at all, here’s a shot of me with my first bag, hangs right at hand level. This one has a flap with snaps that goes around the belt (and snaps on the leg strap, it was made to look a bit steampunk-ish and really aged into the role) and the new one is a solid loop to try out that style. I play test dummy a lot in these experiments.

We have keyfobs!

Just a few teasers!

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