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Memory Items

Memory items are created from clothing of loved ones who passed away. Over the years I have made many different Memory Items. These are items that take time; I never rush these or work when tired. I know there is only one chance to get it right and there is no replacement fabric. Each item is carefully created with love for both the loved one who passed and the intended recipient. The excess clothing is returned with the Memory Item (unless otherwise requested). Memory Items become treasured because they are transformed into something tangible.

These items of clothing have become many different items to suit the needs of the recipients.

Items of clothing

Pillow made of clothing

Purse made from clothing

Purse made of clothing

These items of clothing became teddy bears for members of my family who recently lost a dear loved one.

Clothing of a loved oneTeddy Bears made from clothing

Military Uniforms are another popular item to have made into Memory Items. These can be more playful or more useful items as the person who wore the uniforms are usually still with us. These items are also usually more durable so make great backpacks, tote bags, diaper bags and adorable, but firm stuffed animals.

Tote bag made from uniform pantsTote bag made from Army pants
Other ways to make an item special is by adding embroidery to the Memory Item. Taking the signature of the person and digitizing it, or adding their favorite catch phrase or simple poem such as “This is a shirt I used to wear. Whenever you hold it, know I will be there!”

There is no end to what we can create together. So message or email to discuss what can be created for you and your loved ones.

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Custom Orders and Special Requests

Custom Towels, great for college students

Did you know that we take custom orders?  We DO!  It just isn’t something our website can handle.

To start a custom order all you need to do is message our Facebook page or send an email to

We can customize embroidery items, laser items, tumblers and mugs, create sublimation designs and so much more!  Message us to get your custom work started today.A selection of shirts with custom embroidery Flasks with skull design laser engraved. Custom Purse with matching wallet Starry Night done with a modern twist Custom made stocking.

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Special Ordering

Our website was designed to show items that are in stock and available for immediate shipping. With the recent need for face-masks we have been taking more custom orders than ever before. We love that we can do this and keep people a little bit safer and in a style that allows you to show off your fun side.

We are aware that not everyone is on Facebook or Instagram. This makes custom ordering more difficult. We have been working on a way to make this easier for everyone and we have it.

Customers who wish to place special orders can now email us at

Custom orders are not limited to face-masks. We offer many other services. Email us with your ideas to see what we can create for you!


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We have many ways you can purchase items from us. We create new items all the time, and not all are suitable for the web page for various reasons. If you follow our social media pages you will see lots of photos of items that are made and seemingly not available.

  1. You can buy ready made items on our store.
  2. Request custom items by messaging on Facebook or Instagram.
  3. Message us if you see an item you like posted on our social media pages that is not available currently on our store web page.


Please let us know if you hear of any conventions or craft fairs that you think we would be a good fit for. We love getting to meet everyone and it really gives us ideas of what people want to see.

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Leg Bag?

I was bragging about my leg bag one day and was asked what a leg bag was in a PM. So, here it is. When I’m working it carries a spare battery for my cameras and a bag of AAs for flash and stuff in the flap outer pocket. In an inside pocket it carries the color correction cards and a case for back-up disks. One inside pocket holds my phone. Another inside pocket has my business cards, 3×5 cards (replaced with a custom notebook), a pen and a sharpie. The main pocket holds my large flash, a flash stand, and a pack of kleenex, and usually a pack or two of Bel-Vitas for when I need a healthy-ish snack.

I often carry it when I’m not working, some of this stuff stays, the rest doesn’t and I toss in stuff I may need while I’m out.

It has a loop that my belt slides through and a strap to secure it to my leg as well, to keep it stable.

Kim modified a pattern for one of her favorite purse designs into this, and this is the second I’ve carried. The first lasted close to ten years, and is still completely functional, but beat up and faded, and it is in reserve in case I need it, or I’m rocking the steampunk.

Answering the next question: No, it’s not really big at all, here’s a shot of me with my first bag, hangs right at hand level. This one has a flap with snaps that goes around the belt (and snaps on the leg strap, it was made to look a bit steampunk-ish and really aged into the role) and the new one is a solid loop to try out that style. I play test dummy a lot in these experiments.