A Person, A photographer, a Dot Com

That's right, I'm all of those and more! Somehow this feels like a dad joke, but I digress. I've written for years, mainly for my own enjoyment but I've had articles in a few papers and news sites. I started in photography in high school, I was on yearbook staff and journalism and I could never get the photographers to take the pictures I needed for my articles. So, I took photography. This was back in the early 80s. Yes, I have gray hair for a reason. I'm a long time role-playing gamer, a fan of science fiction and fantasy (and history, and biographies, and... I read a lot.) I'm a retired disabled veteran, and that left me looking for alternative ways to earn my keep, and photography is something I backed back into almost by accident, and I haven't looked back since.

This is a shot of me as a kid, my parents had a little hobby shop when I was little, it was a few doors down from the fire department and I hung out there a fair bit. I learned how to play spades, and I I would write out little stories on a calendar, the squares were like the Sunday funnies and I would draw little pictures to illustrate them. I draw just as badly now as I did then.


There are people that take great pleasure in taking pictures of places and things, I look at places and things as elements around the people in front of my camera. I call myself an event photographer, but over the years I've found that everything is an event of some sort. I've been the event photographer for several fan conventions, I've photographed several weddings, head shots, senior pictures, baby pictures, wrestling matches, kids soccer, as long as there are people, I'm probably interested.

TimBoothby.com is the hub of my creative and business activities. I'm known as the Red Zone Fandom photographer (redzonefandom.com), but all business is conducted through my licensed business, The Shop @ TimBoothby.com. Did you know that in this state, if your name is used in your business that you don't need to do a lot of time-consuming paperwork? So, that's how I became a dot com and a shop all in one fairly painless move.

The shop (click here to go look) is where all of the photography business is done, as well as our new endeavor, RZF Embroidery, which creates and sells embroidered goods as well as vinyl items and costumes pieces and accessories.